• Convenient Uses For Mini Storage Units

    While there are many reasons to rent regular-sized storage units, their mini counterparts have a variety of uses as well. From in-town and temporary moves to seasonal storage, these small units are on hand whenever you need them during a life transition.  Regular storage units are typically available from 10-by-10-foot down to 5-by-15-foot sizes, while mini units generally consist of anything below 5-by-5-foot, or the size of a large closet. Storage lockers are also available if you desire an even more compact space. [Read More]

  • 4 Tips For A Smooth Long-Distance Move

    It's challenging enough moving across town to a new home or apartment, which is why a long-distance move can seem even more daunting. With there being so much more planning that needs to go into a long-distance move, it will help to know these tips to help it go smoothly. Research Your New Destination There are plenty of things that you'll need to research that are new to the destination you're moving to. [Read More]