Convenient Uses For Mini Storage Units

Posted on: 28 June 2023

While there are many reasons to rent regular-sized storage units, their mini counterparts have a variety of uses as well. From in-town and temporary moves to seasonal storage, these small units are on hand whenever you need them during a life transition. 

Regular storage units are typically available from 10-by-10-foot down to 5-by-15-foot sizes, while mini units generally consist of anything below 5-by-5-foot, or the size of a large closet. Storage lockers are also available if you desire an even more compact space. 

Depending on what you're intending to store and how much monthly rent you'd like to pay, you can choose either an outside or climate-controlled mini storage unit. Climate-controlled spaces feature cooler temperatures in the summer, above-freezing temperatures in the winter, and less humidity all year round, making them ideal for delicate items that are prone to moisture and heat damage. 

Following are some convenient uses for mini storage units: 

1. Seasonal Items 

If you have a small home or apartment with limited storage space, think of a rented mini storage unit as an extension of your home. They will come in especially handy if you don't have a garage or a shed, or if closet space is at a premium. 

Rent a small storage unit to hold items such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Fourth of July decorations, including lawn decor, faux trees, and ornaments. Storing the festive items will free up space in your home during the rest of the year. 

For convenience, label the boxes with a black permanent marker so they're easy to find when you need them. Place important or frequently used items near the front of the unit for easy access throughout the year.

2. Transition Items 

If you're in the middle of a life transition, such as downsizing your home, living in a rental until you can purchase or build a house, or moving in with roommates, mini storage units will hold your items until you need them. 

For example, if you're living in a small apartment while planning a move into a bigger house, store items such as toys, home decor, books, musical instruments, or seasonal clothing in the storage space. The unit will act as an extra closet or small shed until you have room for the belongings again. 

Mini units are also useful for storing baby gear, including cribs, rocking chairs, and clothing, until you decide to expand your family. The price of the monthly rent may be less than having to purchase the items again later. 

To learn more, contact a local storage facility such as 24/7 Self Storage LLC.