Why Should You Hire A Professional To Move Your Piano?

Posted on: 10 June 2022

A piano is a lovely instrument and can serve as a beautiful focal point in a room. However, moving a piano can be cumbersome and stressful. This is a heavy object that needs more than one person to move. You also have to be careful, as a piano is a delicate object and can be easily damaged. If you need to move a piano, you should consider hiring professional piano movers. Here's why:

The Piano Can Get Damaged

Another issue is damage to your piano. Unless you have a lot of people helping you, you could easily bang the piano around as you try to move it through doors, downstairs, or up narrow halls. You can damage the interior of the piano as well as the outside. Professional movers will make sure all areas are measured to make sure the piano can go through the area without suffering damage. They are also very experienced and know how to move a piano without damaging its components.

You Could Get Hurt

A piano is very heavy and comes in all shapes and sizes. They are hard to move, especially if you need to move them down steps and into a moving truck. If you try to move a piano without any help, you could seriously injure yourself. Just one wrong move and the piano could land on top of you. You could also hurt your back if you are not lifting and moving the piano correctly. A piano moving company will bring plenty of strong people to move your piano to ensure no one gets hurt.

You Can Save Money

Although hiring a moving company to move your piano may not seem cost-effective, you can actually save money over the long run by doing so. If you move your piano and damage it or hurt yourself, you will have to spend money to fix the piano and on medical expenses for yourself. It is best to hire a company that knows what they are doing and pay the fee once rather than risking having bills for damage or hospital bills over time.

You Need the Right Type of Vehicle

Not any moving truck can accommodate moving a piano. You need a truck that comes equipped with a hoist to help lift the piano into the truck. The truck also needs to have extra padding to protect it as it goes down the road. Any vehicle moving a piano should also have straps to help keep it in place. A professional piano mover will have everything you need to move the piano properly.

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