4 Tips For A Smooth Long-Distance Move

Posted on: 28 June 2023

It's challenging enough moving across town to a new home or apartment, which is why a long-distance move can seem even more daunting. With there being so much more planning that needs to go into a long-distance move, it will help to know these tips to help it go smoothly.

Research Your New Destination

There are plenty of things that you'll need to research that are new to the destination you're moving to. It will help to get familiar with things like the neighborhood, such as where the local grocery store is and any other services you may need. For example, you may need to find a local maid service to ensure that the home you are moving into is clean. Do your research in advance instead of scrambling once you arrive.

Hire Long-Distance Movers

A long-distance move is quite different from local movers. The price of your move is calculated by the mileage rather than the hour, as well as how much stuff you bring with you. Since multiple families may have their belongings in the same truck as yours, your items are weighed to determine how much of the load belongs to you. Make sure to hire your moves well in advance so that you are not left with driving the truck yourself on your moving day. 

Downsize Before You Pack

It's always a good idea to downsize when you are moving to a new home, but it's more important than ever to do it during a long-distance move. That is due to how the weight of your belongings plays into the price of the move. If you took some extra items with you during a residential move it is not a big deal, but you'll actually end up paying for everything you take with you, even if you intend on downsizing later on.

Determine Transportation Logistics 

Know that you may arrive at your new home before your belongings do. This is partially due to the movers making additional stops that you don't make, but it could be due to the mode of transportation. If you are flying out to your new location and having your car shipped, you'll need to plan when to meet the movers at your new home. This could include delaying when you leave town, or staying with someone temporarily once you reach your destination city. Sometimes it is worth it to simply not do all that driving.

Reach out to a long-distance moving company to learn more.