Prevent Snakes From Inhabiting Your Storage Unit By Removing Two Basic Animal Needs

Posted on: 10 June 2015

Self storage units are a great place for individuals to keep their possessions. However, a poorly-kept storage unit can be attractive to a variety of animal pests searching for food or shelter. Though nearly any animal can cause frustration or fright for storage unit renters, perhaps the most unwelcome animal pests of all are snakes. Below is more information on what you can do to prevent snakes from seeking to inhabit your storage unit by removing two basic needs:

Keep the habitat uncomfortable for snakes

Of all the myths about snakes, the most sinister and untrue belief is that snakes actively seek to confront and harm humans. The opposite is true; most snakes are searching for a safe, secure location where they can rest and hide from predators. Unfortunately, a cluttered storage unit often provides the kind of habitat that can cause a snake to linger. Below are some specific snake "mini-habitats" that can attract snakes to your storage unit and what you can do to prevent them from becoming a problem:

  • Loosely stacked lumber and boards – keep lumber pieces stacked tightly and neatly so there are no gaps between boards or the floor.
  • Lightweight, flat objects stored horizontally on the floor, such as folded paper boxes – snakes find low, flat gaps between  objects and the floors attractive. If you keep empty boxes in your unit, rest them in a vertical position up against a wall or elevated off the ground to remove this potential habitat.
  • "Hot-spots" where snakes seek to retreat during periods of colder weather – snakes will either become dormant during the winter months or move to a warmer location. Since storage units can often provide the type of warmth they need, even snakes that ordinarily do not bother humans may find their way into the unit to escape the cold.
  • Storage units that sit undisturbed for long periods of time – a storage unit that is rarely checked by humans is also more likely to be disturbed by a snake. Fortunately, you can fix this problem by making several visits to your unit so that snakes are afraid of your potential presence.
  • Rent an indoor unit – if you live in a particularly snake prone area of the country, such as hot grasslands or dry conditions, your best insurance against snake invasion is to rent an indoor unit instead. While indoor units are more expensive to rent, you will find several benefits to keeping your possessions inside a climate unit. Snakes are less likely to pass through outside and indoor doors, plus the moderate temperature found in indoor units is a deterrent.

Eliminate potential food sources for snakes

Other than habitat, snakes are seeking locations where prey are readily available. While most self-storage units possess safeguards to keep away animal pests, some may not be sufficient to prevent pests from making their way inside.

For example, a storage unit with large sewer drains or pipes on the premises is a likely candidate to draw rats and mice, both popular choices for snake nourishment. Rats and mice are drawn to water sources plus the cover they afford for hiding. Sewer grates and manhole covers can offer some protection from intrusive pests, but they aren't absolute.

Instead, you will need to take a few measures in your own hands when it comes to keeping prey animals away. Below are several actions you can take to prevent these "snake food" animals from taking up residence in your storage unit:

  • Use pesticides or traps for control of rats and mice – be sure that any product used is in conformity with your rental agreement, and also ensure that it cannot be accessed by children or pets. Non-chemical means of control include snap traps and other types of killing enclosures.
  • Cover entrance spots – whenever possible to implement, keeping mouse holes and other spaces filled is helpful in keeping the pest population down. Be sure that you seal all gaps, including those that may seem too small for pest entrance; even a gap as small as 1/4th of an inch can permit a mouse to pass through to the other side. Expanding foam spray is easy and effective to use for gap sealing.
  • Remove food sources for the pests – just as removing prey for the snakes will reduce snake occupation, it is helpful to eliminate food sources for pest animals. Never store grain, seeds or other similar products inside a self-storage unit, for example. Keep sweet or syrupy liquids in sealed containers so there is no potential for attracting animals with a sweet tooth.

Now that you know how to keep pests out of your storage unit, you can feel confident renting one to keep your possessions safe. Try a site like to find a storage unit.