Using Moving Services To Convince Top Talent To Relocate

Posted on: 22 June 2017

When it is time for your company to relocate, it is not only difficult to move your company assets, but it can also be difficult to get your coworkers to relocate. You may need to provide incentives if you are concerned about whether your top staff will relocate with you. For some of your employees, this may actually be an exciting opportunity. For example, a larger percentage of millennials would like to work overseas. However, even for those who would not like to relocate overseas or even within the United States, there are ways to change their minds.

Make It Easier

One of the reasons why some workers may not want to relocate is because they are concerned about the extra work that it will require. For example, you may ask them to help with packing and unpacking. They may also have to work in a new office environment where they do not have all of the equipment that they need. This process can be made easier by hiring a commercial moving service that will relocate essential equipment, you will make your employee's life easier. Also, consider purchasing new equipment to have ready to use. If there was a copier that your employees couldn't stand, purchase a more intuitive one. Once the moving process has been completed, you can sell the old equipment. 

Move Their Possessions For Them

Hire a moving service for your employees also so that they can easily finance their relocation. One option is to simply write a check and allow your employees to choose which moving services they would like to use. It is a matter of convenience vs. providing staff with the flexibility of choosing which type of moving service they'd like to use. The moving process often comes with some unanticipated problems, so you should offer to pay for the expedition of certain parts of the process.

If you cannot afford to finance the move, you should at least ensure that your staff will not be financially worse off after the relocation than they were beforehand. For instance, if the relocation will require that your staff move to a more expensive area, you should consider offering an increase in salary to offset the increased costs of living in a more expensive area. But when your staff know that they will have nothing to lose and everything to gain, they will warm up to the idea of a relocation.

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