Summer Storage Tips For College Students

Posted on: 6 June 2018

Going to college out-of-state is much easier when you opt to live on campus, but once summer comes, you are left with a conundrum. Summer leases are hard to come by, so if you are like many dorm-dwelling college students, you likely go home for summer, crash at a friend's home, or work an internship that provides a room but little else. What do you do with your stuff during this short break? A storage unit near campus can solve this issue. The following are some things to keep in mind when storing items over the summer.

Electronics need special care

The heat of summer can be hard on electronics, so if you are storing computers, televisions, theater systems, or other electronic items you should upgrade to a climate-controlled unit. These units also typically provide some humidity control, which is another important aspect when storing electronics. Disconnect your electronic items from internal battery sources prior to storage as well. It is also a good idea to remove batteries when possible and store these separately in a sealed bag or container in case they leak. It's often much less costly to replace a battery than the entire device.

Protect paper goods

Textbooks and important papers also need special treatment in storage. The glue and paper can attract pests, which will feast upon your expensive textbooks. Moisture can also seep in and ruin items. Plastic storage tubs are the best options for storing these items. If you live in a humid climate, toss a few of those silica gel packets that lurk in pockets of new clothing items. These will absorb any excess moisture trapped in the tub, so it doesn't damage your books and paperwork.

Stow winter gear

There's no need to cram your winter clothing and gear into your suitcase for summer. Instead, pack it into the storage unit. Much like paper, some winter clothing items can attract pests. Wool and leather, in particular, can be considered a food source for both insects and small mammals like mice. These items should be stored in plastic tubs or plastic bag-lined boxes to keep the pests at bay. Throwing in a cedar wood block with sweaters can also keep insects away. As a benefit, your winter clothing will smell amazing when you unpack it in the dorm next fall!

For more help, contact a storage units facility. Make sure to mention you are a student, as some facilities offer student perks like the use of a moving truck or rental discounts.