Tips For Moving Far, Far Away

Posted on: 25 March 2020

Once upon a time, someone moved to a land far, far away. That someone was you! This is the story you will be telling once this big move is over and you've fully relocated to your new location. But here's the challenge — you have to get there first. Hiring a long-distance moving service will make the whole process a lot easier, but you will also want to follow these tips.

1. Get In-Home Estimates

The cost of moving cross-country is a lot more than the cost of moving across town. So it's very important that you get accurate estimates when choosing a mover. You don't want to think that you'll owe $2,000 for your move, only to find out later that the true cost is $4,000. You will get estimates that are far more accurate by inviting moving companies out to your home to give on-site estimates. This way, the companies will be able to see exactly what you have to move, rather than relying on pictures or verbal descriptions. Get at least three on-site estimates before choosing a moving company.

2. Figure Out What Furniture Will and Will Not Fit

When moving a long distance, you don't want to cart along any furniture that does not end up fitting or you do not end up needing. Obtain measurements of your new place and draw a room layout on graph paper. Determine where your furniture will fit. If a certain piece of furniture won't fit, leave it behind; your moving company may be able to use a smaller truck without it, which could save you significant funds.

3. Plan on Arriving Before It's Necessary

Most moving companies will give you an expected arrival date and time, and then a larger window within which they promise to deliver. For instance, they may say they expect to arrive on Monday at 3:00 pm, but guarantee that they will arrive by Tuesday at 3:00 pm. The further away you move, the greater the chance your movers will arrive after their projected arrival time. They may hit traffic or have to take a detour along the way, for instance. To account for this unpredictability in arrival time, make sure you plan your move before you absolutely must be in your new home. For example, if you start work on Monday, plan on having the movers deliver on Friday, which gives you a few days' worth of buffer time.

Moving far, far away is a big endeavor, but with the tips above and a good moving company, it's an endeavor you can undertake with confidence.

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