When An Elderly Person Must Move To Assisted Living Without Delay

Posted on: 8 September 2020

If one of your elderly family members must move to an assisted living facility rather suddenly, this is a stressful situation. Your relative and the entire family may feel anxious and distressed. The person who must move may be dealing with a significant sense of loss and even grief at having to give up a beloved home. This individual might have an entire house full of a lifetime of possessions and not want to part with them so quickly.

Streamlining the Process

Hiring local movers streamlines the process of dealing with so many belongings when this person moves to a small apartment. Some will be transported to the new place of residence. Others could be brought to a storage facility to be sorted through later. One or more relatives may have room to store some things for the disabled individual. All of this allows for more time to manage a troubling situation. The person who has to move gains some peace of mind even while being forced into a difficult transition.

Movers can take everything in one load and arrange the belongings in the order that they will be removed from the trailer. For example, the belongings that will be moved to the assisted living community may be loaded furthest to the back. Items that will be dropped off at one of the relative's homes could be packed next. Possessions going to storage might make up the bulk of the load. They could be placed closest to the trailer doors if the storage unit is the first stop. Now, the family has more time to get their elderly relative settled in after everything else has been dropped off.

Additional Services

Residential movers can pack belongings if customers request this service. They can provide cardboard boxes and protective materials such as plastic sheeting and bubble wrap. That way, nobody has to chase around town looking for these materials. 

At the Destination

The movers place furniture in the new apartment as directed by their customers. They can set up furniture that was dismantled, such as shelving and the bed frame. Boxes typically are unpacked by the customers. Decisions must be made about where kitchen items and everything else will be placed. 

Concluding Thoughts

With this type of moving help, the family can devote more time to finding the right assisted living community for their loved one and helping this person get accustomed to the new surroundings. Over the next weeks or months, the family can bring boxes and other containers to the apartment so the elderly person can sort through belongings without rushing. There is time to adjust to the situation without extra emotional trauma.

If you're getting ready to move, reach out to a residential mover in your area.